Halo-Halo Mini is a 2oz tasting cup for your next catered event that wants a new experience of plant-powered grab-n-go bites. Our minimum guest count is 100 so that we can provide our ingredients at its freshest. Weekday rates start at $6/person.

We provide

Freshest Ingredients

  • Homemade salted vegan ube ice cream made within 48hours
  • Dehydrated pineapple chips at low temp for 24hrs for maximum nutrient-potential
  • Fresh Grade 1 Dragon fruit from a U.S. supplier picked within 7 days to ensure no decrease in taste from international travel and processing treatments.

Table of Plant Vibes

  • Table, with 4″ risers, and water resistant table cloth
  • Black serving napkins
  • Portable coolers with dry ice (no electricity is needed)
  • Two staff for serving
  • Live plants and whole dragon fruits for the look-and-feel of the space