We’re for those that want to have fun with plant-powered desserts and savory dishes with fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains in their most natural form, sourced from local farms wherever possible. All our products are 100% vegan and organic whenever possible. We’re currently at Smorgasburg on Saturday  11am-6pm East River Park in Williamsburg and Sunday 11am-6pm Breezy Hill in Prospect Park.

We aim to create a space for plant vibes to work, eat, and play; a digital publication to cover plant-based food news launching Fall 2017, an online store launching Summer 2017, and and a storefront in Manila, Philippines early 2018.


Newly-weds, Vanz and Nick met while waiting in line at a Brooklyn restaurant and their love of flavors began. With a history of cooking, juicing, and experimenting together, they wanted a vessel for having fun with flavors and Ube Kitchen was born.



A plant-based version of a traditional and signature dessert from the Philippines that translates to English as ``mix mix``. This ``Purple Dragon in a Dragon Fruit Shell`` includes homemade salted vegan ube ice cream, fresh dragon fruit from the U.S., fresh seasonal or frozen berries, toasted coconut, semi-sweetened black beans, mini tapioca pearls, homemade granola sweetened with brown-rice syrup, and coconut or black tea jelly served with an almond ube milk sauce to ``mix mix`` and topped with a homemade dehydrated thick-sliced pineapple that is left on low heat for 24 hrs for extra crisp.


Called by the New York Times as ``Especially Lively``, this dish was created in part by customers requesting to mix our chia pudding and ice cream together. This version, ``The Gabe`` named after the Smorgasburg staff member that first put the two together. While you get the best of many parts of halo-halo up top, your palate is cleansed with a homemade matcha cream and fresh diced mango. The homemade chia pudding is sweetened with brown rice syrup to ensure it is vegan-friendly.


Our vegan ``cheese`` has evolved into a creamy golden yellow hue that sells out every Smorgasburg weekend. With a mix of orange veggies, nutritional yeast, cashews, white truffle, and other trade-secrets, this mac-n-cheez is popular for many that don't want the dairy, but want the full creamy cheese experience.


Fun & Unexpected

Legumes with purple ice-cream? Masticated juice pulp dehydrated into chips? Frozen beets, apples, and chia seeds? Ube Kitchen is fun with unexpected combinations of flavors.

Whole Plant & Whole Grain

We use whole plant foods, including fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains in their most natural form and organic whenever possible.


What's not fun about purple food!? Ube is our vessel for having fun with flavor combinations and colors to introduce whole plant and whole grain ingredients.

Local & Sustainable

We're proud to support local and sustainable farms through Local Bushel, wherever possible.


Vanz Brazil-Shippers

Vanz, a culinary enthusiast who loves the art of fun in flavor combinations. Graduated with a B.S. of Culinary Arts from De La Salle in Manila, Philippines and internships at the 5-star luxury Gran Hotel La Florida in Barcelona, Spain; the Delano Boutique Hotel in Miami, Florida; and the Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, New Jersey.

Nick Shippers

A plant-based fanboy with a deep history producing digital campaigns for restaurants, non-profit food banks and their hydroponic green houses, and co-producing and host of a plant-based food show on Facebook Watch: Rooted with OZY. While also co-founder of Ube focusing on operations and business development, he is also managing audience development projects at Forbes in New York City.